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Essay on tourism in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country which Allah Almighty has given a diverse geography and diverse climate. Pakistan has different people, different languages and regions that make Pakistan a home of many colours. Pakistan has deserts, lush green areas, plains, mountains, forests, cold and hot areas, beautiful lakes, islands and much more. That is why Pakistan attracted 1 million tourists in 2012. Due to the law and order situation,  tourism in Pakistan   has been severely affected, but now the situation has returned to normal and in good numbers. People have turned to Pakistan.The biggest boost to  tourism in Pakistan  came in the 1970s when the country was booming and like other industries,  tourism in Pakistan  was also booming. Millions of tourists from abroad used to come to Pakistan. Pakistan's most popular tourist destinations included the Khyber Pass, Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, Swat and Rawalpindi. Over time, other beautiful areas of the country were introduced around the world and
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Tourism Brochure and top tourism brochures of Pakistan

Tourism Brochure is a small booklet or pamphlet,often containing promotional material or product information about destinations or travel services.Brochures are most commonly found at places that tourists frequently visit, such as museums, major shops, and tourist information centers.A creative, expertly written and well-designed travel brochure invites readers to cast themselves into a story that takes place in an exotic locale. STEPS WHICH YOU SHOULD FOLLOW WHILE MAKING A BROCHURE? 1.        Step 1: Add compelling photos and graphics. All good brochures will include visual elements.  2.       Step 2: Use full bleed. Most printers are not able to print right up to the edge of paper.  3.       Step 3: Add your text.  4.       Step 4: Incorporate color.  5.       Step 5: Choose the right size. THINGS WHICH IS MUST IN TOURISM BROCHURE:- •         Logo is must for Tourism Brochure. Your Tourism Brochure ’s logo is the building block your brochur

Tourism Marketing and how is Tourism Marketing in Pakistan?

The Tourism Marketing is a term which is utilized to allude to that business discipline by which the guests are pulled in to a specific area which can be an express, a city, a specific legacy site or vacationer goal recognize, an inn or an assembly hall anything. A significant number of the spots are commonly the hotspot for visitors like Taj Mahal in India. Presently puts like these are viewed as the ideal zones where one can support the travel industry showcasing. The spots which are bound to be the significant spots for pulling in voyagers are where the travel industry showcasing thrives the most. Presently the travel industry showcasing is tied in with applying a few advertising procedures and systems to help the travel industry of that place. Tourism Marketing Tourism Marketing WHAT IS THE MOST BASIC REQUIREMENT OF TOURISM MARKETING? For a fruitful Tourism Marketing ,what is required the most is that the brands ought to represent themselves so that their voices c

Tourism and Tourism in Pakistan

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY TOURISM AND HOW IS TOURISM IN PAKISTAN GOING? Tourism means people travelling for fun. It includes activities such as sightseeing and camping. People who travel for fun are called "tourists". Places where many tourists stay are called "resorts".   Some people travel to do an activity which they cannot do at home. OR  Tourism may be defined as the movement of the people from their normal place of residence to another place ( with the intention to return) for a minimum period of twenty-four hours to the maximum of six months for the sole purpose of leisure and pleasure. Tourism Modern  tourism  is an increasingly intensive, commercially organized, business-oriented set of activities whose roots can be found in the industrial and postindustrial West.  Tourism  is one of the world’s fastest growing industries and a major foreign exchange and employment generation for many countries. It is one of the most remarkable economic and socia

Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan is growing rapidy these days.Pakistan is considered as the no 1 place for tourism in 2020.Many foreign and local tourists wish to visit Pakistan for tourism because this country has some special and beautiful places for tourism. Tourism in Pakistan is at its peak nowadays because Pakistan particularly has a lot of potential regarding tourism because of its diverse and well-preserved culture; from the ‘Do Darya’ in Karachi and Gwadar Port in Balochistan to the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore and beautiful valleys of the north like Hunza and Sust. Every part of Pakistan has its own culture and language which makes tourism in Pakistan even more interesting. Tourism in Pakistan can bring a great change to the economic status of the country because tourists have a wide range of budgets and tastes, and a wide variety of resorts and hotels can be developed to cater for them. Tourism in Pakistan is playing a huge role in improving the economy of Pakistan because the direc